National Steel Industry Ultra Low Emissions Technology Seminar Held in Tangshan in July


In order to promote the green sustainable development and transformation and upgrading of the steel industry, in-depth exchange and promotion of advanced and applicable new technologies, new processes and new equipment, and promote the transformation and application of scientific and technological innovation achievements, sponsored by the China Equipment Management Association Metallurgical Industry International Cooperation Service Center, Beijing National League Information Technology Co., Ltd. and China Metallurgical Industry Network, jointly organized by China Metallurgical Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. and Hebei Jinxi Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., will hold the "National Steel Industry Ultra Low Emission Technology Seminar and Supply and Demand Fair" to be held in 2019. It was held in Tangshan City on July 10th.

The contents of the conference are as follows:

Interpretation of the policy on "Improving the implementation of ultra-low emissions in the steel industry"; analysis and technical outlook of ultra-low emission policies in the steel industry; synergistic removal and control of flue gas multi-pollutants in the steel industry; desulfurization, denitrification and colored plume treatment of sintering flue gas ;

High-efficiency control of industrial furnace kiln flue gas fine particulate matter (PM2.5); third-party operation management and service of industrial soot control; research and application of energy-saving and consumption reduction of sintering pellets, efficient heat recovery and utilization of technical equipment; sensible heat of sinter vertical cold kiln Recycling power generation technology; steel industry wastewater treatment and comprehensive utilization technology, typical case analysis; intelligent closed yard construction; online monitoring of atmospheric pollutants in the whole process of steel production;

The conference will invite relevant eco-environment departments, industry associations, steel companies, quality suppliers and other units to make special reports.



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